Eight Miles High by Achim Bornhak

Drama , Biography
114 minutes
Natalia Avelon
Matthias Schweighoefer
Matthias Schweighöfer (OPERATION VALKYRIE)
Alexander Scheer (IN LOVE WITH LOU)
David Scheller
Directed by:
Achim Bornhak
Produced by:
Produced by Neue Bioskop Germany in coproduction with Studio Babelsberg/Babelsberg Film, Hofmann & Voges Entertainment, Senator Film Produktion, B.A. Produktion, TV60 Filmproduktion, Kinowelt Filmproduktion, Munich Animation Film in cooperation with I.P.S. International Production Services, Exportfilm Bischoff and On The Road Productions in association with Beta
Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll - the 60s live again!

The wild 60s: Munich teen Uschi Obermaier drives men wild, but also confuses them with her assertive demeanor. Through a music group, she learns all about free love in the legendary Berlin "Kommune 1," where she begins a relationship with the commune leader Rainer Langhans. She soon realizes, however, that the new ideals loudly proclaimed by the leftist scene have little to do with reality.
Uschi then rises to become a coveted supermodel and the icon of the young generation. She appears on the covers of several magazines including Playboy, and the superstars of her time, including Mick Jagger and Keith Richards, fall for her. Even in the intense relationship with Keith Richards, she soon senses that the dark side of fame - namely isolation and the life of a groupie in anonymous hotel rooms - cannot be brought into harmony with her ideas of life.
The adventurer Dieter Bockhorn opens up a new world to her. They travel in a luxuriously appointed van throughout Asia and America for several years and find paradise.
Wherever life has brought her, to this very day, Uschi Obermaier remained faithful to her own heart. Just as she did back then...
Beta Cinema sells Uschi Obermaier film "Eight Miles High"
Two weeks before the start of the Berlin Film Festival, Beta Cinema has scooped up the international sales rights to Eight Miles High.

Screen International: Dokument buys domestic rights to Bornhak's 8 Miles High
New US independent Dokument Films has acquired all North American rights to Achim Bornhak's biopic 8 Miles High (Das Wilde Leben). Dokument is a subsidiary of Illinois-based MPI Media Group.