Fata Morgana by Simon Groß

100 minutes
Matthias Schweighoefer
Marie Zielcke
Directed by:
Simon Groß
Produced by:
Produced by enigma Film in co-production with Bayerischer Rundfunk, Odeon Pictures, Lunaris Film- und Fernsehproduktion and Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München in association with Beta Cinema
In a desert, nothing is real...

Vacationing in Morocco, the young couple Daniel and Laura rent a jeep for a day trip into the desert. On a whim, they decide to leave the main road and take off across the forbidden wasteland on an adventurous, wild ride. However, what starts out as a little side trip rapidly turns into a major nightmare...

Not only do they get hopelessly lost, but their jeep breaks down, forcing the despairing couple to continue on foot. After several days of torturous plodding through the unforgiving heat, they awake one morning to find a strange man watching them - with their repaired jeep off to one side.

Joyful at their rescue, Daniel and Laura quickly agree to the mysterious man's offer to guide them back to the road on his motorcycle. With time however, it seems like he's bringing them anywhere else but back...

While Daniel's suspicions of the secretive man's motives grow, Laura is slowly finding herself attracted to the stranger. Soon, overcome by a raging sense of helplessness and jealousy, Daniel slashes the tires of the stranger's motorcycle and takes off with Laura in the jeep to find his own way.

After a major argument, Laura flees the jeep into the maze of an abandoned city they come upon deep in the desert. Daniel goes off to search for her, but instead finds the furious stranger lying in wait. It's the final showdown - in which Laura will play an unexpected and crucial role...