The Three Investigators in The Secret of Skeleton Island by Florian Baxmeyer

Family Entertainment,
90 minutes
Chancellor Miller
Nick Price
Cameron Monaghan
James Faulkner
Directed by:
Florian Baxmeyer
Produced by:
Produced by Studio Hamburg International in co-production with Zweite Medienfonds German Filmproductions in association with Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa and Beta Cinema
The world-famous detective kids in their first big-screen adventure - the investigation of an ancient and mystifying tribal curse...

The Three Investigators - Jupiter Jones, Pete Crenshaw and Bob Andrews - are invited to Capetown, South Africa where Pete's father has been hired to build an amusement park on the mysterious Skeleton Island by its owner, the rich and arrogant Ms. Wilbur.
While conducting the group on a tour of the island to show the park's planned layout, Ms. Wilbur is confronted by Gamba, a tribal healer, who ominously states that the island has since ancient times been a sacred burial ground for the chiefs of his tribe, and she will be in great danger if she continues her plans for the park...
Because her great-grandfather Horatio Wilbur had discovered the island, she sees herself its rightful owner, and so ignores his ominous threat...and directly thereafter finds herself attacked by a terrifying monster in a dark cave. Believing Gamba to be behind the attack, she has him arrested...
The clever young detectives find themselves allied with Gamba's pretty daughter Chris in a desperate bid to prove Gamba innocent.
Bringing into play their brilliant logic and encyclopedic knowledge, not to mention a healthy portion of courage, the Three Investigators embark on the dangerous adventure of unraveling the mystery of the Skeleton Island monster and its link to an ancient and fabulous tribal treasure.