15. November 2006

Munich, 15 November 2006. Beta Cinema posts a positive sales performance after the close of the American Film Market (AFM). The firm announced in Munich on Wednesday that about 30 licensing contracts were signed. Beta Cinema also succeeded in continuing the success story of The Lives of Others. The film has now been sold practically throughout the world. Christ Kraus' film Four Minutes also drew great interest and has been licensed in more than 20 countries.
"Like 'Downfall,' The Lives of Others will also be shown in theaters all over the world," assert Dirk Schürhoff and Andreas Rothbauer of Beta Cinema. "Only the sales to China will most likely be blocked by censorship issues." The debut work by director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, which is entering the Oscar race as the German entry, was sold at the AFM to South Korea (Eureka), Singapore, Malaysia (Cathay), Portugal (Ecofilmes), Thailand (J-Bics) and Hong Kong (Edko). Talks with a Russian distributor are reaching their final phase.
As to Four Minutes, in which Monica Bleibtreu and Hannah Herzsprung play a student-teacher pair bound in mutual distrust, the U.S. sales agreement is about to be finalized. Negotiations are also under way with Mexico. The film was also sold to Brazil (Bitelli Filmes), Argentina (Alfa Filmes), Greece, Romania, Bulgaria and former Yugoslavia (Prooptiki).
Bully Herbig's Hui Buh – The Goofy Ghost, a Constantin production, was offered for the first time at this year's AFM. The film will be released in theaters in Brazil (Europa Filmes) and Russia (Beliven). Contracts with other East-European countries and Spain are nearing conclusion.
Salvador, starring Daniel Brühl in the lead role, relates the story of the struggle of a Spanish anarchist against the Franco regime. The film was sold to Italy (Delta Pictures) and will be released there by Istituto Luce. Prior to the AFM, the film had already been sold to Japan, Hungary and the Benelux. Salvador had its German premiere recently at the Hamburg Filmfest, and the German distribution rights are still available.
Garnering exceptionally strong interest are The Three Investigators and the Secret of Skeleton Island (director: Florian Baxmeyer) and Stefan Ruzowitzky'sThe Counterfeiter, which are both still in post-production. The films were sold to Brazil (Europa Filmes) and Thailand (J-Bics) on the basis of trailers and scripts. The Three Investigators was also sold to the Middle East (Italia Film).