07. Oktober 2008

Munich/Erfoud, 7 October 2008. Beta Cinema has picked up the rights of Ceasefire (WT), the first German-language feature film to deal with the Iraq War, which gets underway this week in the Moroccan desert. Ceasefire (WT) is the debut film of director Lancelot von Naso (32) who also wrote the script with Kai Uwe Hasenheit and Collin McMahon. The lead roles are played by Thekla Reuten („Twin Sisters," „In Bruges"), Matthias Habich („Nowhere in Africa," „Downfall"), Hannes Jaenicke („Lost Treasure," „Bandits"), Maximilian von Pufendorf („The Buddenbrooks") and Husam Chadat („Just Get Married").
Ceasefire (WT) was inspired by the 2004 siege of the rebel stronghold Falluja by American forces, which claimed enormous losses on both sides and brought great suffering to the civilian population. In the course of their in-depth research, the authors conducted many conversations with journalists and NGOs. Particularly noteworthy is the committed support of the project by Thomas Etzler, one of the very few Western journalists who reported from war-torn Falluja for CNN in April 2004. The project also had a great deal of support from the Arab side as well like Ahmed Mansur, one of the most renowned war reporters for Al Jazeera, who was the last journalist to hold out for two weeks in the encircled city.
Baghdad. The official war is over and everyday life an endless catastrophe. In Falluja there is hardly any food and no medicine, and medical care is in shambles. In the midst of this dramatic situation, the U.S. forces reach an agreement with the rebels: a 24-hour ceasefire. Kim (Thekla Reuten), the Dutch member of an international aid organization, is planning a transport of badly needed supplies to a hospital in the war zone with French doctor Alain (Matthias Habich). Helping them out is Oliver (Maximilian von Pufendorf), a young German journalist who hopes to finally get a good story. The three very different idealists form a community of conflicting interests who all want to save lives, but suddenly have to fight for their own.
Ceasefire (WT) is produced by DRIFE Deyle&Richter Filmproduktion, DCM Mitte Productions, Erfttal Film, ZDF in cooperation with arte, supported by FFA, DFFF und FFF Bayern. Falcom Media Group will release the movie in Germany. Shooting on the film in Morocco is expected to wrap in mid November.