08. Februar 2010

Munich, 8 February 2010. Beta Cinema is bringing four international premieres to this year's European Film Market. Nora Tschirner and Unax Ugalde play the lead roles in the German/Spanish/Swiss coproduction BON APPÉTIT about three ambitious young culinary experts who are inseparable until love comes between them. KEEP SURFING, which was honored with the Audience Award at the Munich Filmfest, is a documentary about Munich's legendary river-surfing community, which shares a common passion: surfing on a stationary wave and going against the flow. AYLA (in competition for the Max Ophuels Award 2010) tells the story of a young, self-confident German-Turkish woman whose sense of justice propels her into a deadly conflict. The bittersweet love story AU REVOIR TAIPEI by the U.S.-Taiwanese filmmaker Arvin Chen (Silver Bear 2007) is an homage to Taiwan's metropolis, and will be premiered at the Berlinale Forum.
BON APPÉTIT by director David Pinillos plays amidst the strict hierarchy of a Swiss luxury restaurant. The two chefs, the Spaniard Daniel (Unax Ugalde, CHE: PART ONE) and the Italian Hugo (Giulio Berruti, MELISSA P.) as well as the German sommelière Hanna (Nora Tschirner, RABBIT WITHOUT EARS) form a top team. Envied by their colleagues and praised by their boss, the trio feels unbeatable until Daniel falls in love with Hanna. The young people suddenly find themselves confronted with the question of what really matters in life. Shot in English, BON APPÉTIT is produced by Morena Films, Orio Produkzioak, Zodiak Pictures and Egoli Tossell Film.
Bjoern Richie Lob's KEEP SURFING focuses on an unusual passion in a city that most people associate with the Oktoberfest. On Munich's Eisbach, in the middle of the Bavarian city, the international surf elite congregates for river-surfing. Among the aces are surf legends like Taylor Knox and Kelly Slater. Director Lob follows five men who live very different lives, but whose paths keep crossing at the Eisbach's big wave. KEEP SURFING was produced by Lob and Tobias Siebert in coproduction with DIE BASISberlin and will be released in theaters in Germany this spring by Prokino.
The attractive 25-year-old AYLA has turned away from her traditionally-oriented family and is leading an independent double life. In the daytime she works as a kindergarten teacher, and at night she dons a sexy outfit to work in the cloakroom of a nightclub. But then she falls passionately in love with the elegant photographer Ayhan, without suspecting that he represents precisely that part of their common culture which she refutes. AYLA (director: Su Turhan) is a production of Burkert Bareiss and TV 60 Film. The shimmering lights of the exotic nocturnal metropolis of Taipei set the backdrop for AU REVOIR TAIPEI (Atom Cinema/Greenskyfilms), which is executive produced by Wim Wenders. It is a mixture of love story and gangster comedy about a young lovesick Taiwanese on his way to Paris. Lacking funds, he accepts a dubious proposition by a local criminal. Over the course of one extraordinary night he realizes that the excitement and romance he was longing for is already there.
Screening in the German Cinema section is MY WORDS, MY LIES - MY LOVE by Swiss director Alain Gsponer. The film stars Daniel Bruehl (INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS, GOOD BYE LENIN), Hannah Herzsprung (THE READER, FOUR MINUTES) and Henry Huebchen (GO FOR ZUCKER!) in the lead roles. It opened the Zurich Film Festival and was shown in official selection of the Hamptons International Film Festival. Winner of several awards is Lancelot von Naso's feature debut CEASEFIRE about the Iraq War, which obtained the Ecumenical Prize in Montreal, the Audience Award in Zurich, the Foerderpreis Deutscher Film in Hof and the VGF Award for Young Producers. Simon Verhoeven's MEN IN THE CITY (Bavarian Film Award for Best Script) with Til Schweiger (INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS), Christian Ulmen (THE ELEMENTARY PARTICLES), Nadja Uhl (THE BAADER MEINHOF COMPLEX) and Wotan Wilke Moering (VALKYRIE) in the lead roles, was one of the most successful German films of the past year in Germany with more than two million attendance. It is distributed in Germany by Warner. Also being presented by Beta Cinema at the European Film Market is BERLIN '36 (New York Jewish Film Festival 2010, Chicago Film Festival 2009) with Karoline Herfurth (THE READER) and Sebastian Urzendowsky (THE COUNTERFEITERS). It is the true story of a Jewish high jumper who is prevented by the Nazis from taking part in the Olympic Games.

The Beta Cinema-Screenings at a glance: 
12.02., 3 pm, CinemaxX 11 (EFM)
15.02., 5.05 pm, CinemaxX 12 (EFM)
13.02., 12.50 pm, CinemaxX 11 (EFM)
16.02., 3.15 pm, CinemaxX 12 (EFM)
14.02., 11 am, CinemaxX 11 (EFM)
17.02., 9.30 am, CinemaxX 12 (EFM)
12.02., 8 pm, CinemaxX 16 (EFM)
13.02., 9.30 am, CinemaxX5 (press screening)
14.02., 7.15 pm, CineStar 8 (premiere Forum)
15.02., 8 pm, Cubix 9 (Forum)
17.02., 10.30 pm, Arsenal (Forum)
18.02., 2 pm, Delphi-Filmpalast (Forum)
18.02., 9.30 pm, Capitol Dahlem (“Berlinale goes Kiez”)
12.2., 1.30 pm, CinemaxX 1 (German Cinema)
16.2., 1.30 pm, CinemaxX 2 (German Cinema)
12.02., 9.30 am, CinemaxX 12 (EFM)
15.02., 1.15 pm, CinemaxX 12 (EFM)
11.02., 3.30 pm, CinemaxX 12 (EFM)
15.02., 9.30 am, CinemaxX 12 (EFM)
13.02., 4.15 pm, CinemaxX 11 (EFM)
16.02., 11.40 am, CinemaxX 12 (EFM)