28. Oktober 2009

Munich, 27 October 2009.  Beta Cinema is premiering six films – from war drama to horror and romantic comedy – at this year's American Film Market (AFM) in Santa Monica, California. The German box-office hit MEN IN THE CITY, which played to 1,5 million cinema goers in three weeks, follows five Berlin men who keep getting weak-kneed in their search for the love of their life. In MY WORDS, MY LIES – MY LOVE (opening film of the Zurich Film Festival / official selection at the Hamptons' International Film Festival) a literary con man who found the manuscript of a novel at a flea market suddenly comes face to face with the genuine author. CEASEFIRE, the feature-film debut of director and scriptwriter Lancelot von Naso, is the first German film about the Iraq War. BERLIN '36 stars Karoline Herfurth (THE READER, THE PERFUME- THE STORY OF A MURDERER) and is based on the true story of a Jewish high jumper whose hopes for Olympic Gold are dashed by the Nazis. Taking its place in the horror/thriller section is IMAGO MORTIS by the producers of PAN'S LABYRINTH and THE OPHANAGE. Director Ben Verbong (THE SLURB, A CHRISTMOOSE CAROL) is responsible for the rousing family story and tragic-comedy LIKE IT OR NOT! The American Film Market begins on 4 November.

In MEN IN THE CITY, produced by Wiedemann & Berg (Academy Award 2007 for THE LIVES OF OTHERS), Til Schweiger (INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS), Christian Ulmen (THE ELEMENTARY PARTICLES) and Simon Verhoeven (THE FISHERMAN AND HIS WIFE, as well as script and direction) all share two things: their regular training sessions in a gym and their interest in the opposite sex at a time in which none of them are really sure what it means to be a man today.

Daniel Bruehl (JOHN RABE, INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS), Hannah Herzsprung (FOUR MINUTES, THE READER) and Henry Hübchen (GO FOR ZUCKER!) play the lead roles in MY WORDS, MY LIES – MY LOVE , directed by Alain Gsponer (Grimme Award for LIFE ACTUALLY). The romantic comedy about a false novelist is based on Swiss author Martin Suter's bestseller and is produced by Film1 and Falcom Media in coproduction with Milbrook Pictures.

In and out Fallujah in 24 hours – this is the mission of a band of helpers and journalists in CEASEFIRE (Drife Productions). The little group travelling between the Iraqi fronts (Matthias Habich (NOWHERE IN AFRICA), Maximilian von Pufendorf (BUDDENBROOKS) and Thekla Reuten (IN BRUGES) are united only by a belief in a better world and the naked struggle for survival. CEASEFIRE won the Ecumenical Prize at World Film Festival in Montreal and the Audience Award at the Zurich Film Festival in early October.

Before the start of the Olympic Games in BERLIN '36 (Gemini Film/German distributor: X-Verleih), the U.S. is threatening a boycott should no Jewish athletes be allowed to compete for Germany. The Nazis then select the talented Jewish high jumper Gretel Bergmann (Karoline Herfurth). But to prevent her from winning, they send in a previously unknown "rival" (Sebastian Urzendowsky, THE COUNTERFEITERS/Academy Award 2008), who in reality is a man. Directing BERLIN '36 is Kaspar Heidelbach ("A Light in Dark Places"). Also starring Axel Prahl (Bavarian Film Award for GRILL POINT), August Zirner (THE COUNTERFEITERS) and Thomas Thieme (THE LIVES OF OTHERS).  

In the Pixstar/Telecinco cinematic horror film IMAGO MORTIS, two film students attempt to track down a killer who is torturing his victims with an archaic device. The killer's goal is to capture the last image found on the retina of the victim in his death throes. The lead roles in the Italian-Spanish thriller are played by Geraldine Chaplin (DOCTOR ZHIVAGO), Oona Chaplin (QUANTUM OF SOLACE) and Alberto Amarilla (SUMMER RAIN). The director is Stefano Bessoni, who also penned the script.

LIKE IT OR NOT! by Dutch director Ben Verbong (THE SLURB, A CHRISTMOOSE CAROL) tells the story of the cancer-stricken Laura who, in order to give her life and death a meaning, undertakes a heroic, provocative effort to break through the façade of family constraints and conformism by reconciling her sisters with her parents. The German-Dutch film starring Christiane Paul (THE WAVE) and Katharina Marie Schubert (BUDDENBROOKS) is produced by Elsani Film and 3L Filmproduktion.

Screening times at AFM:

Men in the City:                                      Wednesday, November 4th, 1:00 p.m. 
                                                                  Mann Criterion 5
                                                                  Thursday, November 5th, 3:00 p.m.
                                                                  Mann Criterion 5

My Words, My Lies- My Love:            Sunday, November 8th, 11.00 a.m.
                                                                  Laemmle Monica 1
                                                                  Monday, November 9th, 1.00 p.m.
                                                                  Laemmle Monica 1

Ceasefire:                                              Friday, November 6th, 3.00 p.m.
                                                                  Mann Criterion 1
                                                                  Tuesday, November 10th, 9.00 p.m.
                                                                  Mann Criterion 1

Berlin `36:                                              Saturday, November 7th, 11.00 a.m.
                                                                 Mann Criterion 3
                                                                 Monday, November 9th, 9.00 a.m.
                                                                 Mann Criterion 1

Imago Mortis:                                       Wednesday, November 4th, 5.00 p.m.
                                                                 AMC Santa Monica 2
                                                                 Tuesday, November 10th, 1.00 p.m.
                                                                 AMC Santa Monica 2

Like it or not!:                                      Wednesday, November 4th, 3.00 p.m.
                                                                AMC Loews Broadway 1
                                                                Sunday, November 8th, 9.00 a.m.
                                                                AMC Loews Broadway 2