04. Mai 2009

Munich, 4 May 2009. Beta Cinema is presenting four international film premieres along with four-time German Film Award winner JOHN RABE at this year's film market at the Cannes Film Festival. Beginning on 14 May, THE THREE INVESTIGATORS AND THE SECRET OF TERROR CASTLE, THE ORANGE GIRL, PRINCESS LILLIFEE and KILLING IS MY BUSINESS, HONEY will be screened to buyers from all over the world.
THE THREE INVESTIGATORS AND THE SECRET OF TERROR CASTLE is director Florian Baxmeyer's second film about the young detectives Jupiter, Pete and Bob, whose first screen adventures drew nearly a million viewers to theaters in Germany alone. The story about a mysterious, ghostly castle is based on Robert Arthur's best-sellers, which have been published in over 30 countries. Also based on a best-seller is the Norwegian film THE ORANGE GIRL. Translated into more than 40 languages, Jostein Gaarder's ("Sophie's World") book deals with the search for true love. 
The animated children's pic PRINCESS LILLIFEE has already practically achieved cult status in Germany, where nearly 700,000 young viewers have packed theaters in the first four weeks. Picture books and countless merchandising products have helped spread the worldwide fame of the pink-loving princess. In the comedy KILLING IS MY BUSINESS, HONEY, director and scriptwriter Sebastian Niemann (HUI BUH - THE GOOFY GHOST) has rounded up a proven and winning team of actors headed by Rick Kavanian (DREAMSHIP SURPRISE), Nora Tschirner (RABBIT WITHOUT EARS), Bud Spencer (MY NAME IS TRINITY) and Franco Nero (DIE HARD 2). The film tells the story of a small-time hit man who passes himself off as an ex-Mafia boss and gets himself into big trouble.
By garnering four Golden Lolas, Florian Gallenberger's JOHN RABE was the most successful production at this year's German Film Awards (including Best Film and Best Actor). The film about the Siemens manager who saved 250,000 Chinese from sure death at the hands of the Japanese Imperial Army in Nanking in 1936 started in China last week with 750 copies, the biggest launch ever of a German film abroad. JOHN RABE ran as a gala special at this year's Berlin Film Festival and has been sold in many countries, including Italy, Spain, France and the Benelux.

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