20. November 2008

Munich, 19th of November 2008. Marco Pontecorvo's PA-RA-DA has risen attention at this years Mar del Plata Film Festival. The movie about Romanian street children got the Argentina Cinecolor Award for the best feature film chosen by the public. In addition, PA-RA-DA won the public award that the Italian Film Festival in Paris, "Cinema Miracoli". In August, PA-RA-DA had its celebrated world premiere as the opening film of the Venice Film Festival Orrizonti section and run also at this year's International Toronto Film Festival.

PA-RA-DA is Marco Pontecorvo's feature-film debut, who acted as director of photography of "Firewall," "Die letzte Legion" and the prestigious HBO series "Rome." The film relates the true story of the Franco-Algerian clown Miloud Oukili, who sets up a circus with Romanian street children in Bucharest, thus giving them a chance to regain a place in society and live in dignity. The Panorama Films production is distributed by Beta Cinema.