06. Mai 2010

Munich, 6 May 2010. Beta Cinema is bringing the surprise hit of Germany's spring movie season to Cannes: the road movie VINCENT WANTS TO SEA will be given its international premiere at the Marché du Film. Also being presented for the first time to distributors from all over the world are the Bernd Eichinger film on the rapper Bushido, ELECTRO GHETTO, the adaptation of a cult JERRY COTTON crime novels and the family adventure TIGER-TEAM (all distributed by Constantin Film). Beta Cinema will also be screening the first promo reels of Philipp Stölzl's new film GOETHE!, as well as of MY BEST ENEMY by the producers of the Oscar-winning COUNTERFEITERS, and A QUIET LIFE with Toni Servillo (IL DIVO, GOMORRAH).
The tragic-comical road movie VINCENT WANTS TO SEA (script and lead role: Florian David Fitz, MEN IN THE CITY) tells the story of a young psychiatric patient who wants to fulfill the last wish of his recently departed mother: to see the sea once again. Vincent, who is afflicted with the Tourette syndrome, flees the clinic in a stolen car with his mother's ashes in a candy tin, accompanied by the anorexic Marie and the manic-compulsive Alexander. The Olga Film production has been a hit in Germany since its theatrical launch in late April and increased attendance by about 40 percent to 170,000 visitors on its second weekend.
German top rapper Bushido, an identification figure for thousands of youths, is touring through Germany when he gets a postcard from his father. Horrifying and long-suppressed memories of his youth marked by drugs and violence return to haunt him. ELECTRO GHETTO by producer Bernd Eichinger (LAST EXIT TO BROOKLYN, THE BAADER MEINHOF COMPLEX) and director Uli Edel (THE BAADER MEINHOF COMPLEX) is a production of Constantin Film and Rat Pack Filmproduktion, which has drawn over half a million moviegoers into theaters.
Around a billion JERRY COTTON books in altogether 14 different languages have been sold to date in over 50 countries. In this Rat Pack action-comedy set in New York, Christian Tramitz (MANITOU’S SHOE) plays the coolest of all heroes, who even resists the temptations of a beautiful baddie (Penelope Cruz's sister Monica Cruz, ASTERIX AT THE OLYMPIC GAMES). The kid trio TIGER-TEAM solves its cases not in New York, but in the Chinese jungle, at the Moonlight Palace in the Mountain of the 1000 Dragons. The ndF:-production, which boasts exotic locations, is based on the young people's books by Thomas Brezina, which have been translated into 26 languages and sold more than 20 million copies.
In Cannes, Beta Cinema will be presenting the first scenes of GOETHE!, a modern pop fairy tale by director Philipp Stölzl (NORTH FACE) and producer Christoph Müller (SOPHIE SCHOLL) for deutschfilm/Senator. GOETHE!, which has been sold before completion to Greece, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, describes the "storm and stress" period of the young author (played by Alexander Fehling, INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS), his time in the sleepy German province and his encounter with his first big love. In MY BEST ENEMY Moritz Bleibtreu (THE BAADER MEINHOF COMPLEX) portrays the Jew Victor Kaufmann, whose friend Rudi (Georg Friedrich, NORTH FACE) becomes a fanatic Nazi supporter in the Third Reich and wants to gain the Führer's favour with an unknown Michelangelo drawing from Victor's family property. But Victor, whose loved ones have already been brought to a concentration camp, fobs a brilliant forgery off on Rudi. Wolfgang Murnberger (SILENTIUM) directs the production by Aichholzer and Goldkind Filmproduktion.
Also being screened is a showreel for the EOS/Acaba coproduction A QUIET LIFE with the European Film Award-winning Toni Servillo and Juliane Köhler (NOWHERE IN AFRICA), which is currently in postproduction. A former Mafia killer has turned his back on his old life and settled in a small German town. But his new identity is jeopardized when his son, who is following in his father's deadly footsteps, suddenly turns up. Also upcoming is John Turturro's music documentary NEAPOLITAN SONGS and the war drama HIDDEN by leading Polish director Agnieszka Holland (EUROPA, EUROPA), which is in postproduction.
Beta Cinema’s lineup includes as well this year's multiple award-winning AU REVOIR TAIPEI (Netpac Award Berlinale, Jury Award Deauville Asian Film Festival, Audience Award San Francisco Asian Film Festival, Opening film Los Angeles Asian Film Festival), the surfer documentary KEEP SURFING (Tribeca Film Festival) and the romantic drama BON APPETIT, which won three awards at the Malaga Film Festival (best film, best lead actor, best script).