07. Mai 2013

Munich, 7 May 2013. Two outstanding new titles and several new top-of-the-line promo reels highlight the roster of Beta Cinema’s line-up at this year’s Cannes Film Market. The Munich based company picked up distribution rights for QUALITY TIME (WT), a caustic comedy exploring the truly funny but also touching ramifications of the fact that you can’t choose your family. Beloved German leading man Florian David Fitz (“Vincent Wants to Sea”) teams up again with producer Olga Film (“Vincent Wants to Sea”/“Cherry Blossoms – Hanami”.) THE TASTE OF APPLE SEEDS with Hannah Herzsprung (“Four Minutes”, “The Reader”) is the adaptation of Katharina Hagena’s bestselling novel, sold in 25 countries, among them France, Great Britain and Italy. Next to new promo reels of the strong pre-selling titles THE PHYSICIAN and THE DEVIL’S VIOLINIST, Beta Cinema shows for the first time screening material from the Hungarian-German WWII drama LE GRAND CAHIER (aka THE NOTEBOOK) by János Szász (European Film Award for “Woyzeck”), a fascinating parable about the effects of war on the psyche of children.
Florian David Fitz leads Holger Haase’s QUALITY TIME as Conrad, who limits his visits to his father Carl (Henry Huebchen, “Go for Zucker”), an irritable old coot, to a minimum. When Carl injures himself, Conrad needs to move back into his old childhood room. Chance for reconciliation – or a total disaster? Vivian Naefe’s THE TASTE OF APPLE SEEDS (Bavaria Film/Wilfried Ackermann Filmproduktion/Constantin Film) features a young woman who, after inheriting her grandmother’s villa, makes a journey into her own past, finding herself back in the home where she used to spend her summers. While wandering through rooms full of mystery and memories, she realizes that remembering is only one way of forgetting.
LE GRAND CAHIER (THE NOTEBOOK) (Intuit Pictures/Hunnia/Amour Fou/Dolce Vita) depicts the story of two young brothers who grow up in a village on the Hungarian border during war time. Being mistreated by their cruel grandmother they must learn every trick of evil to survive in the absurd world of adults. Starring Ulrich Thomsen (“The Celebration”) and Ulrich Matthes (“Downfall”), LE GRAND CAHIER is based on Agota Kritóf‘s famous novel, which has been translated into more than 30 languages and was a huge bestseller in countries like France, Spain and Japan.
At Cannes Film Market, Beta Cinema is presenting new promo reels of Philip Stoelzl's visually breathtaking adventure epic THE PHYSICIAN with Stellan Skarsgard, Ben Kingsley and Tom Payne based on Noah Gordon’s eponymous novel, which has been sold more than 21 million copies worldwide. Universal brings the UFA Cinema/ARD Degeto/Beta Cinema-production to theaters in Germany at the end of the year. Also available is new screening material to THE DEVIL’S VIOLINIST (Summerstorm/Dor Film/Film House), a mystic biopic by celebrated British director Bernard Rose (“Immortal Beloved”, “Mr. Nice”) featuring virtuoso violinist David Garrett as the phenomenal musician Nicolo Paganini whose life was full of drama, love, art and excess.
Beta Cinema is also presenting a promo reel of the widely acclaimed WWII drama GENERATION WAR (teamWorx), which is being distributed in the U.S. by Music Box. The fate of the young men and women who fought in Hitler’s devastating war, losing their youth and innocence if not their lives, is a grand and epic story of friendship, betrayal, faith, deception and responsibility. Praised by Süddeutsche Zeitung as “epochal”, GENERATION WAR has triggered an unprecedented debate about personal guilt in WWII in Germany as well as abroad.
Market screenings will be offered by Beta Cinema for the Berlinale hit and Golden Bear winner CHILD’S POSE by Calin Peter Netzer with only few remaining territories available, as well as the top-selling tragicomedy OH BOY by Jan Ole Gerster that swept the German Academy Awards receiving six trophies, among them Best Film, Best Director, Best Script and Best Actor. Also presented at the market are the German/Norwegian thriller-drama TWO LIVES with Academy Award-Nominee Liv Ullmann and Juliane Köhler, GIRL WITH NINE WIGS, the new film of Academy Award-Nominee Marc Rothemund, and the family film sequel FAMOUS FIVE II, based on the bestsellers by Enid Blyton.