08. Februar 2013

Berlin, 8 February 2013. During the first days of the Berlinale, Beta Cinema has been on a selling spree for two of its upcoming titles THE PHYSICIAN and THE DEVIL'S VIOLINIST. Philip Stoelzl's visually breathtaking adventure epic THE PHYSICIAN with Ben Kingsley, Stellan Skarsgard and Tom Payne has been pre-sold to Russia (Luxor), the Czech Republic/Slovakia (Bonton), Croatia/Slovenia/Bosnia-Herzegovina (Blitz) and to the Middle East (Italia Film). Universal is releasing THE PHYSICIAN in German theaters on 25 December as a major Christmas event.

THE DEVIL'S VIOLINIST, the mystical biopic by British director Bernard Rose and starring David Garrett, was presold to Russia (Luxor), the Czech Republic/Slovenia (Bonton), Croatia/Slovenia/Bosnia-Herzegovina (Blitz), to Switzerland (Frenetic) und the Middle East (Italia Film).

Also before the film's completion, the Benelux-rights of Umberto Pasolini's British moving tragicomedy STILL LIFE were bought by Wildbunch. THE FAMOUS FIVE I and it sequel THE FAMOUS FIVE II were snapped up for Spain by Flins&Piniculas. AQS secured the rights to THE ADVENTURES OF HUCK FINN for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, and Andrzej Jakimowski's IMAGINE went toP&I Films / Russia.