30. August 2012

Munich, 30 August 2012. Beta Cinema has picked up the distribution rights to Andrzej Jakimowski’s English language feature IMAGINE just before the film’s world premiere screening in Toronto. The Polish/French/Portuguese coproduction starring Alexandra Maria Lara (“Downfall”) and Edward Hogg (“Anonymous”) in the lead roles is screening in the Contemporary World Cinema section at the Toronto International Film Festival. With sensitivity and intelligence, it relates the story of two blind people who find their way in the world of the seeing with unconventional methods. Jakimowski, who also wrote the screenplay, recently enjoyed an international success with TRICKS and is considered as one of the great Polish directors of today. Beta Cinema is also presenting the Venice competition title FORGOTTEN (Du hast es versprochen) in Toronto, as well as the Toronto World Cinema entry SHORES OF HOPE (Wir wollten aufs Meer). The award-winning Spanish production ORANGE HONEY (Miel de Naranjas) is in the Toronto line-up on the heels of its international premiere in Montreal.
IMAGINE tells the story of the English spatial orientation instructor Ian (Edward Hogg), who is called to a Lisbon school for the blind in order to help the young students there learn to become more confident and self-reliant. He is soon drawn to Eva (Alexandra Maria Lara), a particularly shy and introverted patient. Ian’s unorthodox methods are not only a challenge for the students, but are also fraught with perils. IMAGINE is a production of Zjednoczenie Artystow i Rzemieslnikow Sp. z o.o., KMBO Production, Filmes do Tejo in coproduction with Film and Music Entertainment, Canal + Cyfrowy and WFDiF.
Showing at the Venice Film Festival is the Beta Cinema entry FORGOTTEN. The mystery thriller marks the feature-film debut of Alex Schmidt and stars Mina Tander, Laura de Boer, Katharina Thalbach (“THE TIN DRUM”) and Max Riemelt (“THE WAVE”). Two young women who were friends in their childhood days decide to spend the holidays together on an island, not suspecting what horrors await them there. FORGOTTEN, which is running out of competition in Venice as Midnight Special, is a production of Wüste Film Ost OHG in coproduction with Wüste Film GmbH, Magnolia Filmproduktion and ZDF - Das kleine Fernsehspiel/Katharina Dufner. Falcom is releasing the film in German theaters in November.
Also being presented internationally for the first time in Toronto (Contemporary World Cinema) is SHORES OF HOPE, the story of the young Rostock dock workers Cornelis Schmidt (Alexander Fehling, YOUNG GOETHE IN LOVE) and Andreas Hornung (August Diehl, SALT, THE COUNTERFEITERS), who in the 1980s can only dream about going out to sea. Cornelis’ love for the young Vietnamese woman Phuong Mai (Phuong Thao Vu) and the betrayal of a colleague (Ronald Zehrfeld, BARBARA) prove disastrous to the friends. A story about fates in a repressive land, about hopes, longings, disappointments and about what one is ready to sacrifice for the big dream. SHORES OF HOPE is a production of UFA CINEMA and FRISBEEFILMS in coproduction with BR, Degeto, SWR, BR/arte, arte and SR as well as Hahn Film and in cooperation with CinePostproduction. It is being released in German cinemas in September (Wildbunch).
In ORANGE HONEY, director Imanol Uribe (CAROL’S JOURNEY) goes back to Andalusia in the 1950s, to a society stamped by fear, terror and the death penalty. A young legal clerk realizes that he must take a stance and begins a dangerous double life. Iban Garate, Blanca Suárez (THE SKIN I LIVE IN), Karra Elejalde (EVEN THE RAIN) and Eduard Fernández (BIUTIFUL) star in the production by Alta Producción and Fado Filmes in collaboration with TVE; the script was written by Remedios Casado. ORANGE HONEY was given the award for Best Direction and Best Script at the Malaga Film Festival.