11. November 2013

Santa Monica, 8 Nov 2013. Beta Cinema’s Academy Award contenders TWO LIVES (Germany), LE GRAND CAHIER (Hungary) and CHILD’S POSE (Rumania) as well as Uberto Pasolini’s Venice awarded STILL LIFE are hot sellers at this year’s AFM. TWO LIVES, starring the legendary Liv Ullmann and Juliane Koehler (NOWHERE IN AFRICA) and based on a true story, is picked up by CDI Films for Argentine, Paraguay and Uruguay, Strada Films for Greece and Swallow Wings for Taiwan. Just recently, Sundance Select announced that it was acquiring the US rights. LE GRAND CAHIER, based on Agota Kristof’s famous postmodern anti-war drama and translated into more than 30 languages, will be released in theaters in Sweden/Denmark by Njuta Films, Portugal by Films4You, Taiwan by Catchplay and South Korea by Sponge. Argentine’s Alfa Films secured the rights of Berlinale winning CHILD’S POSE by Calin Peter Netzer, which is literally sold out worldwide.

Honored with the Best Director-Award at Venice’ Orizzonti-section, STILL LIFE goes to France (Version Originale/Condor), Sweden (Folkets Bio), Norway (Arthaus), Greece (Feelgood Entertainment), Switzerland (Filmcoopi) as well as to Korea (Dreamwest Pictures). Italy’s Academy Two acquired the rights for Bernhard Rose’s THE DEVIL’S VIOLINIST, starring world class musician David Garrett, whereas the sequel FAMOUS FIVE III will be released by Metropolitan in France.


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