21. Oktober 2015

Munich, 21 October 2015. Following  the outstanding success of the release  in Germany (first two weeks over 1 million admissions and over $10 million box office in Germany), Beta Cinema reunites with Constantin Film on David Wnendt's LOOK WHO'S BACK, based on Timur Vermes' bestselling 2012 novel which has been published in more than 40 countries and was  #1 on The Times bestseller list.

Der Führer is back. It is present day summer and Adolf Hitler suddenly wakes up on the site of his former bunker, now a residential area of Berlin, 70 years after his presumed demise. The war is over, his party is no more, his beloved Eva is not there to console him and the present German society is so multicultural he does not recognize it. But, against all the odds, Adolf Hitler begins a new career on television because he is universally mistaken for a brilliant comedian – even though he is indeed the genuine article and his intentions have not changed…

LOOK WHO'S BACK is not the usual book adaption as director David Wnendt (“Wetlands”, “Combat Girls”) lets lead actor Oliver Masucci interact in character with normal people  in documentary-style scenes. 

LOOK WHO'S BACK is a production of Mythos Film in coproduction with Constantin Film. Producers are Christoph Müller and Lars Dittrich, Executive Producers are Oliver Berben and Martin Moszkowicz, Associate Producer is Sergej Rubinstein.

The film is supported by Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, FFA, Film- und Medienstiftung NRW and DFFF.


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