15. Mai 2015

Cannes, 15 May 2015. Beta Cinema completes its Cannes lineup with new titles currently being realized by two of the leading European directors: award-winning director Erik Poppe (“1000 Times Good Night”, “Troubled Water”) is in production on THE KING’S CHOICE, a striking Norwegian WWII epic by, starring Jesper Christensen (“Quantum of Solace”, “Melancholia”) and Karl Markovics (“The Counterfeiters”). Chris Kraus, helmer of the international box-office- and festival hit “Four Minutes”, is shooting  YESTERDAY’S FLOWERS, featuring Lars Eidinger (“Clouds of Sils Maria”, “Everyone Else”) and French upcoming star and two times César-winner Adèle Haenel (“Love at First Sight”).

Based on true events, THE KING’S CHOICE depicts the German attack on neutral Norway during three decisive days in April 1940. Threatened by German occupation, the Government is falling apart and it is up to King Haakon of Norway (Jesper Christensen) to stand up for what he believes in, torn between the expectations of his son, the parliament and the people of Norway. While the Nazis are closing in on him, German diplomat Curt Braeuer (Karl Markovics) keeps trying for a peaceful resolution, and a race against time between diplomacy and warfare ensues.

In THE KING’S CHOICE Poppe collaborates again with his trusted DoP John Christian Rosenlund (“1000 Times Good Night, “Troubled Water” and also Bent Hamer’s “1001 Grams” and “O’Horton”) and his established producing partners Finn Gjerdrum and Stein B. Kvae of Paradox (Hans Petter Moland’s “In Order of Disappearance”, “A Somewhat Gentle Man”) thus guaranteeing rich characters, outstanding visuals and a top notch production in this aspiring €8mio. picture. Other cast members include Anders Baasmo Christiansen (“Kon-Tiki”), Tuva Novotny (“Jalla! Jalla!”), Katharina Schuettler (“13 Minutes”, “Generation War”) and Juliane Koehler (“Two Lives”, “Nowhere in Africa”). THE KING’S CHOICE is a co-production of Paradox Film AS (Norway), Zentropa (Sweden), Nordisk (Denmark) and Newgrange Pictures (Ireland).

In YESTERDAY’S FLOWERS Lars Eidinger plays a renowned German Holocaust researcher and grandson of a prominent Nazi war criminal, who struggles with his family history, his career and his hatred of people in general. In the midst of his existential and marital crisis, he meets a French research assistant (Adèle Haenel - “The Unknown Girl” by the Dardenne-brothers) whose grandmother was killed in the Auschwitz concentration camp. Her unconventional attitude and openness are quite irritating to him, but when he gets closer to her, his whole life is turned upside down. Other cast members include Hannah Herzsprung (“Four Minutes”) and Jan Josef Liefers (“The Baader Meinhof-Complex”). Shooting is taking place in Berlin, Stuttgart, Vienna, Riga and New York. The turbulent romantic comedy is produced by Dor Film/Four Minutes supported by MFG/MBB/FFA/ DFFF/ÖFI/FFW/FISA/Eurimages/SWR/ARD Degeto/NDR/ORF/BR and HR.

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