02. November 2017

Munich, 2 November 2017. It is one of the untold stories of the Third Reich: Young Jews survive the Nazi terror by becoming THE INVISIBLES in Berlin, a city declared by the Nazis as “free of Jews”. The drama, based on the true stories of four Jews and directed by Claus Raefle, has started its worldwide journey by traveling to the US (Greenwich Entertainment), UK (Signature), Italy (Lucky Red) and Japan (New Select). Beta Cinema has also signed contracts with China (DDDream), Brazil (Mares Filmes), Israel (Nachshon) and Portugal (Pris). Further deals are currently being negotiated.

The docudrama, which has been released in Germany by Tobis last week, intertwines dramatic re-enactments with impressive interviews with the survivors, describing their lives as teenagers and young adults under the most dangerous circumstances and with an unknown future. The two levels blend together into an intense, emotionally moving film, with its authenticity never allowing the viewer to forget that everything featured has actually happened like this 70 years ago.

THE INVISIBLES stars Max Mauff (“Bridge of Spies”), Alice Dwyer and Ruby O. Fee (“Ghosthunters – On Icy Trails”). As DOP served Joerg Widmer (“Pina”,”Tree of Life”). The feature was produced by Look! Filmproduktion and cine plus Filmproduktion in co-production with Gauger Film.


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