19. Mai 2017

Cannes, 19 May 2017. He is one of the larger-than-life personas of European sport: Bert Trautmann, the former Nazi paratrooper, who became a hero as the world’s most famous goalkeeper of his time – not in his home country, but on the playing fields of his former enemy.

Beta Cinema picked up world sales rights and starts presales in Cannes.

TRAUTMANN is a story of reconciliation. Bert had to overcome the hostility of his new compatriots – particularly as he had been awarded the Iron Cross by Hitler. Later he would have to show tenacity in the face of personal adversity.

TRAUTMANN starts principal photography on June 7th first in Northern Ireland then in Bavaria.

It is the first English-language feature film by multi-award winning German director Marcus H. Rosenmueller (“Grave Decisions”) who also co-wrote the script.

Rosenmueller has cast two internationally acclaimed up-and-coming stars, Germany’s David Kross (“The Reader”) as Bert Trautmann and Britain’s Freya Mayor (“Sense of an Ending” and “Sunshine on Leith”), who plays the love of his life, the daughter of his English coach. John Henshaw (“Looking For Eric”), Gary Lewis (“Billy Elliott”), Harry Melling (“Harry Potter”) have recently joined the cast.

The film is produced by Robert Marciniak, Chris Curling and Steve Milne with Lieblingsfilm, Zephyr Films, British Film Company, Degeto Film, SquareOne Entertainment and Arri Media as co-financing partners. SquareOne will also release the film in German cinemas as its German Distributor. Degeto have secured the German Free-TV rights for the film.

TRAUTMANN is also supported by FFF Bayern, FFA, DFFF, Bayerischer Banken Fonds, and Northern Ireland Screen.

Bert Trautmann, joined the Wehrmacht as a paratrooper aged only 17. He was awarded five medals for bravery. Captured by the British towards the end of the War, he arrived in north-west England as a prisoner of war. A local football manager noticed Bert’s exceptional talent as a goalkeeper. His subsequent signing by Man City brought passionate protests from the people of Manchester, a city which had been severely bombed in the War. The local Jewish community was particularly outraged: many of them were refugees who had fled Nazi Germany little more than ten years previously.

Against all odds, Bert Trautmann would eventually win over the hearts of his adopted country. He became one of England’s iconic footballers remembered for the moment when in the 1956 Cup Final in front of 100.000 visitors he secured victory for Man City by playing on despite having broken his neck.

Marcus Rosenmueller describes TRAUTMANN as “a story about courage and reconciliation with resonance for today. He is a true hero; a man who learnt what it is to be true to oneself and live one’s life with courage.”

Robert Marciniak (“Three Quarter Moon”, “Ruby Red”) says: „For ten years now we have been developing the moving story of Bert Trautmann, a German POW who became a football idol in England after WW2.“

Chris Curling (“The Bookshop”, “The Last Station”) describes the film as “a story about the transformation of a young guy who got caught up in the Nazi movement and was fighting on the eastern front as a teenager. He still believed in Nazi ideology when he arrived in Britain five years later as a young POW. But he embraced the values of his former enemies, and became a citizen of the world.”

Steve Milne (“Absolutely Fabulous”): “My father played football for Scotland Schoolboys at Wembley Stadium just after WW2. This story has resonance as children of the world should be enjoying sport rather than bearing arms.”

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About the BFC:

In 2016, British Film Company which was founded in 2011 by Steve Milne and Christian Eisenbeiss backed the No 1 and No 2 Indie Box Office hits in the UK – “Absolutely Fabulous the Movie” and “Dad’s Army”. As well as TRAUTMANN which is their largest investment to date, the company has backed Saul Dibb’s WW1 Drama “Journey’s End”, Amma Assante’s WW2 Drama “Where Hands Touch”, “The Last Animals” shot by former war photographer Kate Brooks and is currently in production on “Spitfire” - the story of the iconic British aircraft that has come to symbolise the fight for freedom.  Christian Eisenbeiss recently passed away but his legacy will live on through his film company.