11. Februar 2016

Munich, 11 February 2016. Beta Cinema has acquired all rights to UK production CALIBRE, an intense elevated thriller starring Jack Lowden (71, War & Peace) and Martin McCann (The Survivalist, Clash of the Titans), directed by Matt Palmer (The Gas Man) with Márk Györi (Katalin Varga) as DoP.

Set for a shoot in June 2016, CALIBRE is produced by Wellington Films’ Alastair Clark (London to Brighton) and Anna Griffin (The Levelling), exec produced by Lee Brazier and Richard Holmes, and backed by Creative England. Beta Cinema introduces the picture to buyers at the current Berlinale film market and confidently positions the movie as a “Deliverance meets Eden Lake.”

When best friends Vaughn (Jack Lowden) and Marcus (Martin McCann) go on a hunting trip in the Scottish Highlands, deep in the forest they accidentally kill a boy and find themselves trapped in their fateful decision to cover up the crime. With the locals closing in on the truth, Vaughn and Marcus’ escalating guilt, fear and paranoia begins to tear their lifelong friendship apart. And soon they are drawn into a series of increasingly unbearable moral choices that place their survival at stake.

Director Matt Palmer: “CALIBRE’s script was constructed as a lean, intense, immersive read and I intend to bring the same discipline to the finished film, injecting complex characterization and emotional intensity into a tight, ruthlessly efficient 90-minute cinematic experience. I want to transcend boundaries between entertainment and art, genre cinema and intelligence and CALIBRE to be beautiful, haunting, hypnotic, thrilling, thought-provoking, entertaining and unforgettable.”

Beta Cinema’s Thorsten Ritter: “Matt Palmer is one of those fearless filmmakers that can transform this material into that feverish, intense and truly extraordinary cinematic experience. We can’t wait to help pave the way.”

Creative England’s Richard Holmes: “It’s rare to read a script that can get your heart pumping.  And this script is so tight, clever and twisty it demands a single-sitting read. The last time it happened to me was when I was sent Eden Lake.”

Producers Alastair Clark & Anna Griffin: “We share a passion for genre cinema with Matt, borne out by his two shorts and our past thrillers. CALIBRE is going to be a nerve-shredding ride.”

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