12. Mai 2005

Cannes, 12 May 2005. Beta Cinema has acquired the world distribution rights toMongol – The Early Years of Genghis Khan, the ten-million-dollar film project of the Russian production company CTB. Produced by Philip Lee ("Crouching Tiger & Hidden Dragon," "Hero") and Sergey Selyanov ("Brother"), Mongol - The Early Years of Genghis Khan relates the story of how the young Temudzhin rose to become one of the greatest tribal leaders in history: Genghis Khan. The film is directed by Sergei Bodrov (Oscar nomination for "The Prisoner of the Caucasus") who developed the script together with Arif Aliev. They were awarded the European Script Prize for their previous collaboration ("Prisoner of the Caucasus"). The role of the young Mongol Temudzhin on his way to becoming the Khan is played by Japanese actor Tadanobu Asano ("Zatoichi – The Blind Samurai" by Takeshi Kitano). Among other awards he won the Upstream Prize for Best Actor at the 2003 Venice International Film Festival.
Main lead Tadanobu Asano, director Sergei Bodrov, Producer Sergey Selyanov (CTB) and Stefan Arndt (X-Filme) will stage a press conference during the Cannes International Film Festival on Tuesday, 17 May, Majestic Hotel, Salon Lérins. Photo call 11 a.m., press conference 11.15 a.m. Interviews are possible after the press conference.
The costumes are designed by Oscar winner Emi Wada ("House of Flying Daggers," "Hero," "Ran"). In charge of the stunt choreography is Nicky Li (Golden Horse Award for "New Police Story", Taurus Award for "Rush Hour 2"), who developed the fight choreography of the Jackie Chan films over a number of years. One of his latest works was Roland Emmerich's blockbuster "The Day After Tomorrow". In addition to the CTB Film Company, the partners for this large-scale project, which is conceived as a trilogy that covers the entire lifetime of Ghenghis Khan, are Andreevskiy Flag Film Company, Kinofabrika and Neftex, as well as the German co-producer and distributor X-Filme Creative Pool with Stefan Arndt und Manuela Stehr. Project development is supported by Filmfoerderung Hamburg. A distribution deal for North America is expected to be concluded soon. Beta Cinema ("Downfall," "One Day in Europe," "Love in Thoughts," "The Tunnel") is the international distributor. Shooting on Mongol- The Early Years of Genghis Khan begins in July on original locations in the Far East. 
Summer 1170. Young Temudzhin, the son of a khan, falls in love with the young Mongol girl Borte and remains faithful to her even after his father is murdered, he himself sold into slavery, and Borte abducted by a hostile tribe. Temudzhin goes to war to fight for his love and discovers his true calling there: as Ghenghis Khan he must unite all Mongolian tribes and lead his subjects to a secure future. 
Beta Cinema rounds off its line-up for the Cannes Film Market 2005 with a large package of new productions from Constantin Film: 
About the Looking for and the Finding of Love is directed by Helmut Dietl, whose inventive and original comedy "Schtonk" made the Oscar shortlist for best foreign-language film in 1993. Composer Mimi (Moritz Bleibtreu, "Run Lola Run") and singer Venus (Alexandra Maria Lara, Hitler's secretary in "Downfall") fall madly in love, but ultimately break up. Venus finds a new lover and Mimi kills himself. Desperate but unwavering in her belief that love is stronger than death, Venus descends, as Orpheus once had, into the forbidding depths of the underworld to retrieve her lost lover… 
The Wedding Party is directed by Dominic Deruddere, whose delightful farce "Everybody Famous" made the Oscar shortlist for best foreign-language film four years ago. Determined to get his money's worth at his son's wedding, Hermann (Armin Rohde, "The Sound of Thunder") books the best restaurant. But the reception turns into a battlefield after a minor incident has escalated into a full-scale siege with the taking of hostages. The Wedding Party is co-produced by the producers of "The Experiment" and "The Alzheimer Case" and is based on the famous comic book "Lune de Guerre" by Hermann & Van Hamme. 
The White Masai is a true story based on the international best-seller The White Masai written by Corinne Hofmann, which has sold more than three million copies in Germany, Austria and Switzerland alone and was translated into nearly 20 languages. The love story about a white woman who gives up everything to share her life with a black Masai warrior in the Kenyan bushland was shot on original locations in Kenya. Starring Nina Hoss ("Naked"), Jacky Ido and Katja Flint ("Suck My Dick"), The White Masai will be released by Constantin Film in September. 
The Fisherman and His Wife – Why Women Never Get Enough is directed by Doris Dörrie and stars Alexandra Maria Lara ("Downfall"), Christian Ulmen ("Berlin Blues") and Simon Verhoeven ("Girls on Top 2"). Based loosely on the classic fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm, it is an enchanting and modern story that portrays two unsatisfied wives whose ambitiousness and greed get them into a lot of trouble. Doris Dörrie, who has won several German film awards, also directed "Naked" (2002), which was nominated for the Venice Film Festival's Golden Lion. The Fisherman and His Wife - Why Women Never Get Enough is in post-production and will be released by Constantin Film in October.
Wiedemann & Berg Filmproduktion presents The Lives of Others, the feature film debut of Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, who summoned a remarkable star cast for this project. Martina Gedeck ("Mostly Martha"), Ulrich Mühe ("Funny Games"), Ulrich Tukur ("Amen," "Solaris") and Sebastian Koch ("The Tunnel") play the lead roles in this thrilling story about trust and treason during the last years of the Communist regime in East Germany. The film music will be composed by Oscar winner Gabriel Yared ("The English Patient"). The Lives of Others is currently in post-production.