30. Juni 2005


Munich, June 30, 2005. The movie Mongol - The Early Years of Genghis Khanwill be released in the USA by Picturehouse. As announced by Beta Cinema ("Downfall") on Thursday in Munich, HBO’s and New Line Cinema’s newly-formed distribution venture has picked up North American rights. In addition, the ten-million-dollar project by the Russian production company CTB, has already been sold to The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxemberg (Lumiere), Australia and New Zealand (Hopscotch), as well as to Brazil (Europa Filmes). Beta Cinema exec Andreas Rothbauer: "Already at the international Cannes Film Market in May director Sergei Bodrov’s new film drew much attention. We’re very pleased to have closed deals for North and South America, Europe and Australia so quickly after beginning initial negotiations". 
Produced by Sergey Selyanov ("Brother"), shooting will begin this July on original locations in the Far East. The film is co-produced by Stefan Arndt and Manuela Stehr from X-Filme Creative Pool GmbH. X-Verleih will release the movie in Germany.
Mongol - The Early Years of Genghis Khan tells the story of how the young Temudzhin rose to become one of the greatest tribal leaders in history: Genghis Khan. Director Sergei Bodrov (Oscar nomination for "Prisoner of the Mountains", "Bear's Kiss", "Nomad") developed the script together with Arif Aliev. Together they were honoured with the European Film Award for their previous work “Prisoner of the Mountains?. The role of the young Mongol Temudzhin on his way to becoming the Khan is played by awarding-winning Japanese actor Tadanobu Asano ("Zatoichi - Der blinde Samurai"). 
Nicky Li, who developed the fight choreography of the Jackie Chan films over a number of years, is in charge of the stunt choreography. One of his latest works was Roland Emmerich's blockbuster "The Day After Tomorrow". In addition to the CTB Film Company, the partners for this large-scale project, which is conceived as a trilogy that covers the entire lifetime of Genghis Khan, are the Andreevskiy Flag Film Company, Kinofabrika and Neftex. The project is also being backed by Filmfoerderung Hamburg and Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg.