30. Januar 2006

Munich, 30 January 2006. Beta Cinema is attending this year's Berlinale with a line-up of black comedies, sweeping dramas and exciting adventures. Bye Bye Harryis a black romantic comedy shot in English by the production company NFP ("Luther") about a macabre corpse chase and a criminal auto mechanic with a sentimental streak. At the European Film Market, Beta Cinema will be premiering its movie version of the internationally acclaimed teamWorx/EOS co-production Dresden – The Inferno about the firestorm in the Elbe metropolis in 1945. Also scheduled for screening are the first selected scenes from the grand historical epic Mongol - Part One by Sergei Bodrov starring Tadanobu Asano and Honglei Sun, which was presented and acquired by Beta Cinema at last year’s Berlin co-production market. 

Written by the prize-winning comedy author Graham Alborough, Bye Bye Harry is a distinctly British slapstick comedy shot through with a good portion of black humor and romance. Directed by comedy expert Robert Young ("Fierce Creatures"), it stars Joanna Page ("Love Actually"), Veronica Ferres ("Klimt"), Tim Dutton ("The Bourne Identity"), Til Schweiger ("Lara Croft Tomb Raider," "King Arthur"), Iddo Goldberg ("L'Auberge Espagnole"), and Bela B. Felsenheimer, percussionist of the punk band "Die Ärzte." The Brit couple Emma and Ian want to sell a classic Jaguar in Liechtenstein, but they haven't reckoned with Charlie Chaplin imitator Harry Hackett, Ian's hated brother Stuart and an unscrupulous Moldavian felon with romantic leanings.
The 10-million-euro production Dresden – The Inferno relates the love story of the German nurse Anna (Felicitas Woll, "Berlin, Berlin") and the British bomber pilot Robert (John Light, "Heights," "Band of Brothers") against the background of the Allied bombing of the Elbe metropolis during the last months of World War II. Director Roland Suso Richter ("The Tunnel," "The I Inside") has made a historically accurate film about the destruction of the city,  and reflecting both, the German and British perspective. Like Oscar-nominated "Downfall," and Montreal Audience Award Winner "The Tunnel" the drama was also shot as a feature film and TV miniseries. The final edit of Dresden is scheduled for spring this year and planned to have its festival launch in autumn 2006.
At the European Film Market, Beta Cinema will be presenting a promo with first selected scenes of Mongol - Part One. Director Sergei Bodrov ("Nomad", Oscar nominee for "Prisoner of the Caucasus" and "Bear's Kiss") began shooting the film last fall in Inner Mongolia and will continue with the main sequences after the winter break. The role of the young Temudzhin on his way to becoming Ghenghis Khan is played by the award-winning Japanese actor Tadanobu Asano ("Zatoichi – The Blind Samurai"). The counterpart, his blood-brother Jamukha, is played by the famous Chinese actor Honglei Sun, who starred as Fire-Wind, the main villain in Tsui Hark's  "Seven Swords", which opened the last Venice Film Festival. Mongol - Part One is a co-production of Russia's CTB and Germany's X-Filme Creative Pool. Beta Cinema has already pre-sold the film in more than two dozen territories.