12. Februar 2006

Berlin, February 12th 2006. Beta Cinema takes over three new productions for world distribution. The Three Investigators and the Secret of Skeleton Island is the first in a series of several planned film adaptations of the cult children's books based on stories by Alfred Hitchcock. In The Counterfeiters Stefan Ruzowitzky, director of “Anatomy,? tells a story of an unknown chapter of the World War II. In the thriller Fata Morgana a holiday trip through the Moroccan desert turns into a gamble where life is at stake.
The Three Investigators and the Secret of Skeleton Island takes the genre of traditional detective stories for children into the 21st century. Florian Baxmeyer (Oscar winner and Academy member) directs the 14,5-million-Dollar Studio Hamburg International-production, which will be shot in English with international cast in Cape Town. The Three Investigators, which have been translated into 23 languages and sold more than 30 million copies worldwide, have enormous fan bases in many countries. In Germany alone, three million books, cassettes and CDs of the adventures of the three juvenile detectives Justus, Peter and Bob are sold every year.
The Counterfeiters tells the story of Salomon Spiranoff, king of counterfeiter, who lives on the bright side of life until he is 1944 interned as a criminal in the Sachsenhausen concentration camp. He becomes a key figure in a bold counterfeit operation launched by the Nazis and with the “fruits? of his work contributes to the financing of the war. Spiranoff arranges himself with the evil and does what he is told only in order to survive. Director Stefan Ruzowitzky wrote the screenplay to The Counterfeiter on the basis of recollections of the eyewitness Adolf Burger. In the main roles Karl Markovics (“All the Queen’s Men?), August Diehl (“Love in Thoughts"), Marie Bäumer (“Angst?) and Charlie Chaplin’s granddaughter Dolores Chaplin (“Rue des plaisirs?) are starring. The Counterfeiter is produced by Magnolia Film and Aichholzer Film, the German distributor is Falcom Media. The shooting of The Counterfeiter will start in March in Vienna and Berlin.
The enigma Film production Fata Morgana, starring Marie Zielke ("No Place to Go"), Matthias Schweighöfer ("Soloalbum") and Jean-Hugues Anglade ("Taking Lives", “37,2 Degrees in the Morning?) is the story of a couple who lose its way while touring the Moroccan desert and find itself in the hands of an enigmatic saviour. Shooting of Fata Morgana, which will be directed by Simon Gross, is scheduled to start in March in Morocco. The cinematographer is Peter Steuger ("101 Reykjavik") and set designer is Oliver Hoese ("Downfall").