27. Januar 2014

Munich, 27 January 2014. Beta Cinema is gearing up for a bustling Berlinale with the competition titles STATIONS OF THE CROSS and JACK, the Panorama Special entry STEREO, and the eagerly awaited market premiere of flagship production THE PHYSICIAN, that has proven to be the anticipated B.O. hit in Germany and Spain, as well as three more market premieres.

Dietrich Brueggemann’s competition entry STATIONS OF THE CROSS is a story of religion, devotion and radical faith, portraying a profoundly religious teenager who devotes her life to Jesus. Second Berlinale-competition entry is Edward Berger’s JACK, a stirring tale about a boy who learned early on to assume responsibility. Maximilian Erlenwein’s feverish thriller STEREO (Panorama Special) hovers between delusion and reality and unites the German stars Juergen Vogel (“The Wave”) and Moritz Bleibtreu (“Run Lola Run”) for the first time. After having been seen by almost four million theater goers in Germany and Spain to date, the # 1 box-office hit THE PHYSICIAN will be presented in full length in an early market screening at the CineStar IMAX.

Also being presented by Beta Cinema for the first time at an international film market are the Enid Blyton sequel THE FAMOUS FIVE III (Sam Film/Constantin) by Mike Marzuk, the tragicomedy BACK ON TRACK (Neue Schönhauser) by Kilian Riedhof (“Homevideo”), and GLOBAL PLAYER (sabotage/Stöhr Film) by Hannes Stöhr (“Berlin Calling,” “One Day in Europe”). 

STATIONS OF THE CROSS (UFA Fiction Ludwigsburg/SWR/arte/Cine Plus) is the new joint project of the brother-and-sister team Dietrich and Anna Brueggemann (“Move”).  In 14 scenes corresponding to the 14 Stations of the Cross, the film relates the story of 14-year-old Maria. Caught in a radical conflict between her strict religious observation and her everyday life as student, she sacrifices her life to Jesus – with all consequences. Starring alongside young Lea van Acken are Franziska Weisz (“The Robber”), Florian Stetter (“Sophie Scholl – The Final Days”) and Hanns Zischler (“Munich”). Camino is launching STATIONS OF THE CROSS in German theaters on 20 March.

Ten-year-old JACK keeps everything running – the family, his little brother, school. When his mother suddenly takes off with her lover, the boys spend days and nights wandering through Berlin. After what seems like an eternity, JACK finds his mother – and takes a decision that is as drastic as it is courageous. Edward Berger, who wrote the screenplay together with Nele Mueller-Stöfen, shot the film for Port-au-Prince Film/Cine Plus/Neue Bioskop/Mixvision and Zero West. Cinematography was in the hands of Jens Harant (“The Day Will Come”). The German distributor is Camino.

In STEREO a mysterious stranger is forcing his way into ex-gangster Eric’s life and mind. When brutal pals from the past suddenly start showing up, Eric finds himself with his back to the wall. Next to Vogel and Bleibtreu are starring Petra Schmidt-Schaller (“Almanya”) and Georg Friedrich (“North Face”), cinematographer is Ngo The Chau (“Detroit,” “Almanya”). STEREO is produced by Frisbeefilms/Kaissar Film/ZDF/arte and Wild Bunch, which will be bringing itto German cinemas.

With receipts of more than 32 million euros solely for Germany and Spain, THE PHYSICIAN is maintaining its top box-office positions even after five weekends. In Germany, Philipp Stölzl’s adventure film is still # 2with 3 million admissions, in Spain it is still #5 with 860.000 movie-goers. The next international launch of the extraordinary adventure epic, which stars Ben Kingsley, Stellan Skarsgard and Tom Payne, is Russia on 6 February.

After the big box-office success of THE FAMOUS FIVE I&II Beta Cinema presents at the EFM the latest adventure of Enid Blyton’s kids gang, this time on an exotic island. FAMOUS FIVE III cracked the 500.000 admission mark at its second weekend. BACK ON TRACK has already taken in 2.5 million euros at the box office in Germany. In the tradition of “Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” or “The Bucket List,” the film relates the story of the former marathon gold-medal winner Paul (Dieter Hallervorden), who refuses to resign himself to a stultifying life in a home for the elderly. Hannes Stoehr’s GLOBAL PLAYER tells a humorous family-story and deals with the generational conflict, the clash of two cultures in a dramatically changing world and the crucial question about Europe's strongest economy: can Germany cope with China?



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