29. September 2011

Beta Film is proud to announce that Agusti Villaronga's BLACK BREAD has been selected as Spain's foreign-language Oscar candidate. BLACK BREAD beat out Pedro Almodovar's "The Skin I Live In" and Benito Zambrano's, "The Sleeping Voice," which also made a three-picture shortlist announced Sept. 14 by Spain's Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.
The film, which is set in 1944, took nine awards at February's Spanish Goya Awards, including best film, best director and best actress for Nora Navas. It is the first Catalan-language movie selected as Spain's Oscar entry. Augusti Villaronga won also this year's Spanish National Cinema Prize, bestowed by the ICAA Spanish Film Institute.
VARIETY wrote: “Reminiscent of “Pan's Labyrinth,” “Black Bread” is the grim but gripping tale of a rural lad's first exposure to evil in Spain's post-Civil War years. Agusti Villaronga's most mainstream film retains his trademark subversive edge, quickly evolving from rites-of-passage yarn into a complex, challenging item that is both dark to its heart and breathlessly watchable”.
SCREEN wrote: “Augusti Villaronga's moody and atmospheric tale of dark goings on amongst peasants and village officials in post Civil War Catalonia is an impressive piece of storytelling as it blends a child's tough coming-of-age with murderous secrets amongst the grim adults. Its visuals in amidst the verdant and at time frightening forests of Catalonia help give this gripping period drama a real sense of location as it delves into lies and secrets in amongst the community. Add to this a splendid lead performance by young Francesc Colomer and you have a film that could well attract distributor interest. The film - based on Emili Teixidor's novel – is stunningly mounted, with strong production design and cinematography”.