A Summer Affair

by Sönke Wortmann

Stefan must return to Bochum to sell his house of his deceased father. In just four days everything is supposed to be settled so he can head back to Munich. At least that was the plan...

One day, the middle-aged actor Stefan receives an unsettling phone call during a play; his father has passed away. In a mad rush, Stefan travels back to his home town near Bochum. It's been years since he had turned his back on this seemingly depressing place. Planning to settle his father's affairs rather quickly, he expects to be able to get back to Munich within four days. A chance for a part in a new soap opera is waiting for him. Soon after arriving though, Stefan gets caught up in his past: his old room in the dilapidated house; his dead father at the funeral home; his childhood friend Toto, who takes him around town. At least, that last part seems a welcome distraction. Together, they embark on a journey taking them through a world which couldn't be further away fromStefan's life back in Munich, taking him back to the old days…As Stefan is confronted with his old flame and new chances, he soon finds himself forced to make a choice that will change his life.

Genre / Language / Length
Romantic Comedy / German / 92 minutes
Original title
directed by
Sönke Wortmann
produced by
X Filme Creative Pool Entertainment GmbH andLittle Shark Entertainment GmbH in co-productionwith WDR, ARTE and WS Film
  • Anna Bederke
  • Peter Jordan
  • Sandra Borgmann
  • Nicholas Bodeux
  • Markus John
  • André Rohde