Nanook by Milko Lazarov

100 minutes
Mikhail Aprosimov
Feodosia Ivanova
Galina Tikhonova
Sergei Egorov
Afanasy Klaev
Directed by:
Milko Lazarov
Produced by:
Red Carpet in co-production with 42film, Arizona production, Bulgarian National Television and ZDF/Arte

In the snowy northern wilderness, two elderly Inuits are the last to have chosen the traditional way of life in a world slowly fading away.

In the icy wilderness of Greenland, Nanook and his wife Sedna are living in complete harmony with one another although their environment is constantly changing: airplanes are flying by, a gas pipeline is being built, and wild animals are dying. When Sedna's health starts deteriorating, she confesses to Nanook that she has long wished for him to make peace with their daughter Aga, who left because of a feud with her father, and to bring her back.

One day Sedna is found dead. Left alone, Nanook abandons his yurt and sets off to the city, looking for Aga.