Driver by Yehonatan Indursky

90 minutes
Moshe Folkenflik
Manuel Elkaslassy Vardi
Directed by:
Yehonatan Indursky
Produced by:
Pie Films, United King Films, Haut et Court in co-production with Carole Scotta

From the producers of The Farewell Story

Nahman Ruzumni lives on the fringes of the ultra-orthodox community in Bnei Brak, Israel. As a „Driver,“ he takes beggars to wealthy homes and coaches them telling their stories in order to inspire philanthropy. For his services he gets a cut of the money and writes down their stories in his notebook. He spends the rest of his nights in makeshift casinos and dining halls with the more questionable members of this pious society. But when his wife suddenly leaves, Ruzumni is faced with the responsibility of taking care of his nine-year-old daughter alone. Now, he has to take her with him on his nightly journeys, exposing her to his world for the first time. Getting to know his daughter, Ruzumni remembers the only story he could never tell…his own. Together in the dark alleys of Bnei Brak, they each find their lost childhoods – even if it is for just one moment.