3 Way Junction by Juergen Bollmeyer

Thriller, Adventure
100 minutes
Tom Sturridge (ON THE ROAD)
Stacy Martin (NYMPHOMANIAC I & II)
Tommy Flanagan (SONS OF ANARCHY)
Directed by:
Juergen Bollmeyer
J. Bollmeyer
Produced by:
Spier Films, Dignity Film Finance and Dreamer Joint Venture Filmproduction
Based on a true story of undefined desire, a longing and a craving for a full and daring life.

Suffering from a massive career disappointment, London architect Carl Walters travels to the grand dunes of the Namibian Desert to escape. However, destiny soon strikes and he finds himself stranded alone in the African nowhere, desperately waiting for a ride that never comes. Carl embarks on a bitter rite of passage, a trial only overcome if he is willing to radically change his attitude towards life. In the face of his own demise, Carl learns the simple truth: To survive, you need to act.