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Thriller TRAILER
Hell (WT) by Stefan Ruzowitzky
Vienna. A young woman witnesses a brutal murder. The offender seems to be a crazed serial killer, inspired by Islam. A life-and-death struggle ensues...
Game Count by Agnieszka Holland
Based on the best-selling novel "Drive your plow over the bodies of the dead".

One night an elderly woman stumbles upon the dead body of her neighbour. The poacher died a mysterious death. There are traces of roe deer hooves around his house...
Ana, Mon Amour by Calin Peter Netzer
The new film by Golden Bear winner Calin Peter Netzer
The Invisibles (WT) by Claus Räfle
Four young jews survive the Third Reich in the middle of Berlin by living so recklessly that they become "invisible"
Layla by Mijke de Jong
18-year-old Layla, a Dutch girl with Moroccan roots joins a group of radical Muslims. She encounters a world that nuttures her ideas initally, but finally confronts her with an impossible choice.
Blessed Benefit by Mahmoud Al Massad
Ahmad gets tangled up in an unfortunate business deal that lands him in prison. But life in prison might not be that bad.
Place Of Shelter by Michael Ramsauer
The marriage of Martin and Katharina is burdened with their son's autism and Martin's burn out. As new neighbours move in, the tense situation seems to ease. But then Marin incidentially reveales a terrible secret.
Thriller TRAILER
Storm - Letter of Fire by Dennis Bots
The biggest changes in time come from true friendship
Ali's Wedding by Jeffrey Walker
Love, duty and comic deception.

Australia's answer to "Bend it like Beckham"
Scarred Hearts by Radu Jude
Based on Max Blecher's autobiographical novel;
Considered by worldwide critics "a masterpice" or "lost classic"
Romantic Comedy TRAILER
The Bloom of Yesterday by Chris Kraus
Featuring two times Cesar-winner Adèle Heanel (THE UNKNOWN GIRL) and Lars Eidinger (PERSONAL SHOPPER).
Vincent and the End of the World by Christophe Van Rompaey
The new dramatic comedy reunites the team behind MOSCOW, BELGIUM winning three awards at the 2008 Cannes Critics' Week.
The King's Choice by Erik Poppe
Erik Poppe's commanding take on the true events that turned a brave man into the people's king
The Happy Prince by Rupert Everett
The untold story of the last days in the tragic times of Oscar Wilde.